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Why personal ad & how to go about it

Personal ads are an art-form in their own right. For decades, personal ads have appeared in magazines and newspapers all over the world and people had to think of how to describe themselves in 25 words or less. It was difficult, impossible really, almost like the winning caption for a competition. But as none of us would like to be described as a competition prize, so dating has evolved too.

If you want to get the best of your personal ad membership, try to present the right image. Get people to interact with you by chatting daily, and become popular by being friendly. These basics may be helpfull:

Obviously - complete your personal ad profile fully. No, not partially! Fully! And accurately! There is nothing worse for a browsing member than spending their quality time opening your profile only to find your profile is full of Ask Me statements. So.... be informative, be complete, be thorough, be of interest.

Add a photograph or two or even four! Amazingly, members with photos in their personal ads are likely to get up to nine times more replies than members without any photo image attached to their profile. Okay, I know we aren't all photogenic models, but believe me - any photo is far better than none at all.

Don't be aggressive or rude in personal ads. It may be your sense of humor to be sarcastic or cutting, but it doesn't always come across best in an anonymous text. Biting hammer in the first instance will not usually attract the desired attention, even if it's meant to be amusing. That comes once you are chatting.

You may have had a bad time with a previous partner, but making a list of specific criteria a future partner must meet usually has the effect of making people look elsewhere. Even if they match! We all seek Mr. and Miss Right, but turning dating into a job interview removes every ounce of romance and passion from the occasion.

Refrain from using swear words in your personal ad, conversations and emails. They are generally offensive and turn people off.

Make your personal ad truthful above all things, but also emphasize your best characteristics. Admitting that you are a loner who has no friends will not win you new friends usually. However, emphasizing that you are a true individual with unique genuine characteristics, will.

If you really feel passionate about something say so, don't try and hide the things that are important to you. If you love partying say so. If your religion is important to you, say so. Be yourself.

Do not pretend that you are willing to fly half way round the world to meet someone if you are not. It's not fair on anyone including yourself. If you are really only looking for someone in your state or close to home then stick with that and make it clear.

Always try and reply to people's messages and reply in a reasonable amount of time, not weeks later. If you are serious about dating, you are serious about replying to personal messages.

Be patient. It takes time to find someone special using personal ads but it does work. After all, it's just that one special person that you wish to meet. Sometimes you need to chat to quite a few people first. Unfortunately, that is the world we live in. Take your time to complete your personal ads, take your time to chat with many different people, and take your time to get to know someone well.

Think positive and keep thinking positive. The best things in life may be free, but you have still got to find them first!

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